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City Drive Insurance Agency

City Drive Insurance was established with the philosophy “We work for our clients and not the Insurance Companies.” By relentlessly practicing this creed we have earned our clients trust and respect. We believe in Honesty and Integrity. Our clients can rest assured that during every transaction their best interest will always come first. Our Clients are our first priority. Therefore, we offer a higher level of personalized customer service.

Our success is measured by our customer satisfaction and everlasting partnerships. Our team has over 28 years of combined Insurance Industry experience. We offer a wide range of Insurance products that can be custom tailored to best suit your needs. Insurance is not our job, it’s our passion!

Independent Insurance Agency Benefits

Chooses which auto insurance companies to represent, assuring that any policy they offer you is issued by a reliable company with solid financial strength.
Makes sure that all of your policies are coordinated to offer the best coverage at the best price, without leaving gaps or duplicating coverages.
Does the shopping for you, obtaining insurance quotes and coverages from multiple companies with no extra effort on your part.
Works for you, not an insurance company.
Has access to companies that accept risks that may be difficult to place.

Call us today and see for yourself why so many clients are making the switch.

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