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Auto Insurance

In today’s marketplace, it seems like everywhere you turn someone is selling Auto Insurance. With that being said we pride ourselves in our Insurance products and carriers we represent. With so many Insurance names and plans, it is even more imperative to seek the counsel of a licensed Insurance Professional. That is where we come in. We are here to analyze your specific situation then provide the best solution regarding coverage’s, features but most importantly a peace of mind.

Auto Insurance consists of two parts

The first is the liability section of the policy. It covers your financial responsibility for injuring others or causing damage to others property. Some liability coverage is required by most states.
The second part of auto insurance covers the car itself: comprehensive coverage reimburses losses from fire, theft or other perils; collision coverage pays to repair losses caused by an accident. Often this coverage is mandated by leasing companies or banks. There are also ancillary medical, car rental and other coverage’s which vary by state
Auto insurance - Brea, California

We love all drivers. Whether you’re a newly licensed driver, an international driver, a seasoned driver with a few blemishes or even a major violation such as a DUI we have a plan for you.

We offer special programs just for Classic Cars/Custom Cars and High Value/Hard to Place Vehicles.

Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to Homeowners Insurance, we take your home and the protection of all of your assets to heart crafting an insurance solution for you that takes into account your specific needs and assets.

In case your house is broken into, destroyed by a fire, or perhaps a friend gets injured at your home, Homeowners insurance provides financial protection for you and your family. It pays for the repair and replacement of lost items as well as any liability issues you may be responsible for.

Owning your own home is a real achievement and you should be congratulated for having accomplished that. Whether you own it outright or still have a mortgage, the right insurance coverage is not something that you should take for granted.

We Offer Programs for:

High-Value Homes
High-Risk Fire, Earthquake and Flood
Seasonal and Rentals
Previous losss history

If you’ve been blindly renewing your policy for years, or if you only obtained one quote when you took out your policy, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much an insurance agency like City Drive Insurance can save you just by shopping around for a better deal. It’s likely we can save you money on your other policies too!

Life & Health Insurance

Health &Life insurance can seem expensive but like any other type of insurance, there are ways to keep the cost down. Naturally, shopping around will save you money, and we can do that for you both on and off of the exchange. In addition, choosing an appropriate plan can result in savings too. Finding the right Life and Health Insurance products can be challenging in today’s insurance environment. We can help you make

We can help you make sound, informed decisions about issues affecting your life, and health insurance needs. We’re here to fully understand your objectives and then translate them into solutions.

Individual/Family Health (Both on and off of the Exchange)
Special Enrollment
Individual Life Insurance: Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life

Commercial Insurance

General Liability
Commercial Auto
Professional Liability
Cyber Liability
Errors & Omissions
Workers Compensation